Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lonesome George

Hello all,

Yesterday we left Santa Cruz for our last island stop in the Galápagos - San Cristobal - where Charles Darwin first landed in the islands.

Before leaving Santa Cruz we headed over to the Charles Darwin Research Station to visit the world famous Galápagos tortoise, Lonesome George. Luckily for us Lonesome George wasn't hiding in the brush. Though many of us only saw him from the back (photo below), we did get to see other giant tortoises up close.

One highlight of the research stations and breeding centers we've visited is seeing the babies. Everyone loves babies! It's hard to believe that these tortoises that could fit in the palm of our hands can grow up to 500 lbs! And it's even harder to believe that most of them will outlive us.

Alex, Elie, and Jes