Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kicker Rock

Hello all,

Yesterday we settled into our last spot in the Galápagos, San Cristobal.
One group spent the day finishing up On Assignment projects and then hit the beach. The other headed to two locations for snorkeling. One snorkel location is called Kicker Rock (see photo below). Students had the chance to swim alongside sea turtles and sea lions. Many of us even saw Galápagos sharks below us as we swam through the channel at Kicker Rock! From the boat we saw a pod or two of dolphins and watched as dozens of Blue-footed boobies dove at high speed into the ocean to catch their food.

Today groups will switch activities.
And by tonight, everyone will have completed their On Assignment projects. We have a special dinner planned for the group to celebrate all the hard work that our students have put into their photographs, surveys, research, and presentations!

On Thursday we head back to Quito for our
final night abroad.

Hasta luego,
Elie, Jes, and Alex