Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quito Eterno

Hello family and friends!

After a morning of getting to know each other through orientation
games yesterday, we broke into our On Assignment teams for the afternoon. Photography students worked toward a body of 8-12 images that have a common theme while Wildlife and Conservation students created projects on various topics, including plant biodiversity, bird species comparisons and carbon footprints of Ecuadorians.

Last night as a group we visited Quito's
Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An organization called Quito Eterno led us on an educational tour. Our students took lots of pictures and learned much of the city's history, as well as many of its secrets. The tour concluded with a cup of hot chocolate at a spot with a great vista of the city. The best part - our tour was lead by the caped Diablo! (see photo below).

This afternoon we leave for adventures in

Alex, Elie, and Jes